Lister Weststrand am Morgen (0060)

In the early hours of the morning it is almost mystical, when large parts of the beach are still in the blue shade and the sun came down to the ocean waves. This morning, two days after the wonderful Biike fire, we had this mood at the beach of List. With Astrid I was already up there at 8 a.m. on the North Sea coast, with a weak easterly wind. The stairs to the beach were still wrecked by the winter storms and so we had to go down the ramp for the coast guard vehicles to the beach. What a sight to behold! Only the gentle waves received the first light. The horizon was still in a soft violet/pink, the stand itself was still largely frozen in a soft black-and-white shade.

Beach in the shade (0002)
Beach in the shade (0002)



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