Grand Teton National Park — Schwabacher’s Landing
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After our first week in the Teton Valley west of the Teton Range, we switched over into the Grand Teton National Park (GTNP). We drove over the Teton Pass and went on to the Snake River at Schwabacher’s Landing. It was an amazing spot, even we had to wait that the clouds clear up. But after that the view to the Tetons with their mirroring in the Snake River  was even more dramatic. We missed this cloudy weather the following days, but a clear sky was even better than the mist from the wildfires just a few weeks later!

While Astrid painted Plein Air at this spot, we met with Kevin West. He also took some pictures at this lovely spot and we talked a lot about ND filters and the usage of graduated filters …


It was interesting to see, that the plains within the National Park wasn’t on one level. The Snake River created  3 different levels, each of them totally flat. Only at the lowest level there were trees, you can’t hardly see from the topmost level, where the main road is. You can see this different levels clearly on the google map above.

I created a picture one week later, where you can see this different levels. On the left if the image you can see Schwabacher’s Landing:

Grand Teton National Park - Overview (1682)
Grand Teton National Park — Overview (1682)