Zirkus Roncalli (142)

During June 2016 the Zirkus Roncalli is in Hamburg and is playing its 40 Years of Roncalli show.I still remember my youth time, when I visited Roncalli with my parents. At that time it was a very special circus without lions and other wild animals, but with a lot of acrobatics and clown shows.

Currently the circus stays in the middle of Hamburg near the Dammtor railway station and it is lovely to see the colorful circus tent behind the trees every morning and every evening when I pass by on my way to/from the office.

So I went there this weekend to capture some shots during dawn. What a lovely color contrast with the red light in the entrance and the blue sky versus the green leaves.

Zirkus Roncalli (165)
Zirkus Roncalli (165)


While Astrid and myself are painting / taking pictures from outside the circus area we found ourself mentally within the tent. The fragrancy of sweets in the air, the sound of typical circus music and in between the jubilation of the visitors.

At the entrance two balloons stands on both sides of an old circus carriage.

Zirkus Roncalli (190)
Zirkus Roncalli (190)

As we get closer to the carriage we found that it isn’t used for wild animals, instead they are offering sausages and some softdrinks and beer. Are the meals offered through the bars?

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