Alte Harburger Elbbrücke (XIII)

I shot the first infrared photographs of the old bridge in Harburg in 2005 with my former Canon Powershot G3. At that time I havn’t removed the high cut filter, so I had to expose with about 2 seconds.All the trees were slightly blurred by the wind.

Today I was there again, but due to the early hour on the north side of the bridge. There is still a longer section of the bridge ramp, so that a longer headstone path leads straight to the bridge. To my luck, even trees line this section.

An interesting detail I have found in 2014, when I discovered the Hackerbrücke in Munich as a motif. Both bridges were built in the nineties of the 19th century by the Machine Factory Augsburg-Nuremberg (MAN) and are quite similar in the field of metal framework construction. In contrast to the Hackerbrücke, the Harburg Elbbrücke also has the impressive bridge portals.


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