Amrum in golden light (0388)
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The longer we were in the air that evening, the more bands of clouds made themselves noticeable in the west over the North Sea — the sun only came into effect a little and the Wadden Sea looked mostly gray and boring again. We were looking for a few spots of light and were turning just north of Amrum when a beam of light hit Amrum Odde and the mudflats to the east.

What a magnificent sight!

Only the Odde was shining in the warm evening light, the rest of the island of Amrum was in shadow, even the Kniepsand could hardly be made out in the main part of the island. Behind the glowing Odde, the island curves through the picture.


This is a picture, how one gets it from nature only rarely. I was once again lucky to have been at the right time in this place.

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    Super Foto,

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