Rainbow season
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Golden hour, rain clouds and we just came back from the cornfields when this rainbow opened up in front of us. The small street in the foreground is not noticeable at all and due to the stately avenue trees, the … read more and write a comment …

Grain in warm evening light
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The last few evenings we were drawn out into the cornfields around Steinbeck. Barley, wheat and rye are about to be harvested, rye and barley are already bending down. The cover picture shows an ear of barley in the warm … read more and write a comment …

Rain clouds at sunset
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It was again one of those evenings, where it was worth to take the camera with you on the evening walk. Shortly before sunset a rain front approached from the southwest and quickly pushed itself over the cumulus clouds in … read more and write a comment …

Magical light
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Close to our house an enchanted path runs through the undergrowth, surrounded by stately trees. In the evening, just before sunset, the sun shines in from the side and produces this wonderful light atmosphere on the tree trunks.

The way into the sun
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Many evenings I walk along these fields, with the view of the houses at the Country inn Hoheluft, which is located above the small village of Meilsen on the main road. Every evening the mood is different — now, just … read more and write a comment …

Green creek
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I have always noticed how beautiful the small path past the fields is for me. Big stately trees form a small footpath avenue and at the beginning there is a beech hedge on one side. But right after a rain … read more and write a comment …

Green over green
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I love this little footpath along the fields with it’s old trees.

Young green in golden hour
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When the golden evening light falls on the trunks and the young green of the trees is my favorite time to be outside in spring. Again and again I am drawn to the small footpath alley at the edge of … read more and write a comment …

Goodbye to April
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April 2020 was unusual. The weather was rather cloudless and without rain. From the society the Corona Lockdown, which has meant many weeks of work from the home office for me, too. Luckily we didn’t have a strict curfew in … read more and write a comment …

Cap San Diego & Pretty Woman
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The white swan of the South Atlantic and in the background the musical theatres at the Elbe river. I like to go to this light mood in Hamburg when shortly after sunset the twilight sets in and the sky turns … read more and write a comment …

Reine Rorbuer at Blue Hour
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Before I went into the night on the day of departure and thus on the way to the ferry to Bodø, I enjoyed the long blue hour on the Lofoten Islands once again. In Reine I had a little snack … read more and write a comment …

Reine Rorbuer & Fishing Port
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The Rorbuer in Reine are beautifully situated at the end of the peninsula. It is a whole ensemble that was built there on the fjord shore. Today it is run by Classic Norway Hotels. For those who are wondering by … read more and write a comment …

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