Mælifell Cone in the black Mælifellsander
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Mælifell is the most frequently photographed volcanic cone in the Icelandic highlands. Why is that?

There are certainly a few reasons. Its striking symmetry. Its almost complete moss cover, in contrast to the black sander from which it rises. In fact, you drive across this plain for a long time before you reach Mælifell. It erupted over 10,000 years ago, at a time when most of the highlands were completely covered in ice. This is probably the reason for the uniform shape of the subglacial volcano.

Especially when it had previously rained so that the moss is saturated, and then the sun makes the mountain shine, you get this great motif.

I was lucky that day in the highlands and opted for drone shots because of the rather boring blue sky. This makes its surroundings stand out even better and the moss glows even more!

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