Iced leaf with branch

After 4 months of Iceland pictures (with a few more to come!) and a longer break from blogging, where I spent more time baking baguettes and growing sourdough, I would like to use this picture to remind you of the short ice and snow season here in the north. Now all the white beauty has melted away and I’m looking out into a green landscape again.

This picture comes from my garden at the beginning of January, when we hardly wanted to leave the property because of ice on the roads and paths. The morning sun illuminated part of the rose bush and really set off the remnants of snow and the icy branches and leaves.

How do you like it better? In landscape format with the remnants of snow on the branch, or the only the branch and the icy leaf in portrait format below?

Iced branch with leaf
Iced branch with leaf


I will print the portrait format picture. How must it look in large format at 60 × 40 cm and framed?

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