Lüneburg Heath Nature Park - Totengrund (0024)

The Totengrund in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park, located a little south of the heath village Wilsede is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Lüneburg Heath. It is surrounded on three sides by walls about 30–40 meters high and has an exit only to the southeast. Its ground is mostly covered with heather and few grassy areas and well distributed on it are juniper bushes and single birch trees.

Totengrund (dead ground) is said to have received its name because no agriculture or cattle breeding was possible in it and therefore it was called a dead ground. Today it is next to the Wilseder Berg (169m above sea level and with us in the lowlands already a mountain!) one of the most visited areas of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park.

I was just lucky during my visit that it was first heavily clouded in the west and then the cloud cover tore open. Large parts of Totengrund were still in the shade and so the charming lighting resulted also on the following two motives:


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