House sparrow pairing (0053)
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In the spring it becomes quite noisy in the garden around our house. Many species of birds, such as house sparrows, tits, blackbirds, chaffinches, robins, magpies and crows live here in the neighborhood gardens. Several pairs of blackbirds and a pair of robins usually breed on our property. House sparrows breed in a larger colony under the roof tiles by the neighbor’s house. Accordingly, there are many house sparrows on the meadows, in the trees and bushes.

This day I had once again laid in wait in the camouflage tent and was surprised to suddenly observe these two house sparrows mating, only 3 meters in front of me in the lilac bush. The female had even a small »wedding gift« with it, an insect in your beak. However, I could not observe then whether that was still handed over.

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