Robin with fresh food (0050)

I have been watching this proud robin for days at our kitchen window. I was able to take the pictures in this series from the open kitchen window — uncamouflaged. The midday sun made the bird shine and the shadow behind it really highlighted it. The robin was 2–3 meters away from me and proudly presented its prey to me before flying off to its nestlings after a few minutes.

I thought, because shortly after it sat with the same filling in the beak on the railing of the cellar stairs, directly in front of me. Sometimes directly from the front and sometimes turned to the side, the prey was presented to me in detail. 6–8 different fruit flies I could count here. On which number do you come?

Previously I had discovered this or another robin in the same place as above. But there the fresh food was not so varied!

Robin with fresh food (0001)
Robin with fresh food (0001)

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