Iceland - ash, moss and ice (2884)

Layers of ash, moss and in the background the ice of Mýrdalsjökull! The view into the river valley was simply breathtakingly beautiful. The black steep wall on the left, which makes various layers of ash visible and simply swallowed any light. In addition, once again the strong contrast to the moss on the mountain slopes.

I photographed this slope again in detail to show all the layers of black ash. But also a pano to reflect the vastness of this landscape.

Iceland - ash layers (2888)
Iceland — ash layers (2888)


Only on the panorama the moss-covered mountain ridge comes to bear like an opposite to the ash slope. As if here simply a part of the earth had been lifted out and deposited on the other river side.

Iceland - ash, moss and ice panorama (2884)
Iceland — ash, moss and ice panorama (2884)


The view in the other direction, up the course of the river, was no less exciting. Here you can see how generous the river courses are to accommodate much more water at times of snowmelt.

Iceland - ash and moss (2897)
Iceland — ash and moss (2897)

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