Baltic coast below Bockholm (0351)

The steep bank near Wahrberg, located on the southeastern edge of the Holnis peninsula, was unknown to us for many years. Above is a golf course, which you cross along the road to Bockholmwik, and from Bockholmwik you have a beautiful view of the beech forest that stands on top of the steep bank.

You can make a nice round trip from Bockholmwik by walking between the golf club and the forest to Bockholm on the way out, and then walking back along the rocky shore below the bluff. That’s what we did this year.

On the way there we walked along the golf club above the cliff. On the way back we had then again and again large trees, which had been torn with the slope into the depth and offered us afterwards with a rain shower over the fjord this beautiful, contrast-rich motive.
In the background you can see the houses of the village Drei shining in the sunlight.

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