Untere Seeveniederung (0050)

Days after the flooding of the fields along the Seeve, the foreland of the dike was partially flooded. The nature reserve Untere Seeveniederung is crossed by the Seeve (see the map at the end of this blog-post). The dike along the Seeve itself is only quite shallow, only west of the Junkernfeld and in the northeast along the Asshauser Mühlengraben are the dikes significantly higher, because storm surges were able to push into the Seeve lowland until the 60s.

Along the course of the river there are always single trees. The foreland was somewhat shielded from the wind by the small dike, which is why I could observe such a beautiful reflection here. The dike lying in the shade draws itself in the arc around the water surface and pulls the viewer into the picture. In the background, the powerful and warm sidelight of the setting sun ensures that one’s gaze is led back towards the tree.

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