Lofoten - Reine Rorbuer (3979)

The Rorbuer in Reine are beautifully situated at the end of the peninsula. It is a whole ensemble that was built there on the fjord shore. Today it is run by Classic Norway Hotels.

For those who are wondering by my picture what kind of stripes are visible in the sky, I have a picture with me that gives the explanation. Right beside the Rorbuer there is still today the fishing harbor. According to this, many seagulls circle over the fjord. One must have a certain closeness to nature if one wants to live here for a longer time. The cry of the gulls was omnipresent.

Lofoten - Reine Rorbuer (3975)
Lofoten — Reine Rorbuer (3975)


Next door the small fishing port. I absolutely had to capture this picture because it shows the modern deep-sea fishing trawler next to a normal fishing trawler, as you might know it in the Baltic Sea. The »Ben Hur « from Tromsø seems to be anyway characterized by a huge cargo hold in order to bunker tons of fish before it returns to the harbor.

Lofoten - Reine Fishing Port (3980)
Lofoten — Reine Fishing Port (3980)

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