Coneflowers & Bees
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As the first flower of lavender slowly came to an end, we were able to offer bees and bumble bees a good nectar-rich substitute for their feeding in our garden. It was beautiful to see how the bees were making their way over the blossoms and repeatedly pushing their heads deep into the blossoms.

Especially the white and yellow coneflower, but not the purple coneflower, also known as Echinacea, attracts bees and bumble bees. The Baby Swan White comes from North America and is therefore probably not known to our native insects. The photos in this article all show the white sun hat called »Baby Swan White«, which has yellow chaff leaves.

Some even show that the bees have pollen on their eyes!


The following picture shows the flower of the coneflower quite well:

Bee on a yellow/white coneflower (0639)
Bee on a yellow/white coneflower(0639)