Othmarschen - Christuskirche (I)

During my walks through Othmarschen in spring 2018 I also came to the Christus Church on a Sunday. It is beautifully situated on a park-like meadow plot between Reventlowstraße and Emkendorfstraße. Just with the trees I once again found beautiful infrared motifs in it.

I always like to photograph my infrared pictures under the canopy of trees to give my motives a natural frame. The leaves illuminated from the back always give such interesting nuances in infrared. On this day, the condensation trails on the sky also offered an exciting addition.

Coming from Agathe-Lasch-Weg and Röper Farm, you can see the church between the old trees:

Othmarschen - Christus Church (II)
Othmarschen — Christus Church (II)


The parish hall behind the church is also surrounded by stately trees. With its copper roof, it would certainly be a beautiful motif even in a color photograph. But on this day I had limited myself to infrared photography.

Othmarschen - Parish Hall of the Christus Church (III)
Othmarschen — Parish Hall of the Christus Church (III)

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