Othmarschen - Röperhof (0049)

Some of my readers have already asked me if I still do infrared photography at all. The answer is simple: »Yes«.
These days I have found unpublished pictures from last year in my photo library and I am simply showing them now, before the 2019 infrared season starts.

The old Röper courtyard in Othmarschen is hidden right above today’s northern Elbtunnel portal. Until the fourth tube was built, the Elbtunnel began a few hundred meters further south, i.e. the old farmhouse had been directly near the motorway since the 1970s. Today there is a young park in the east of the farm with extensive lawns.

Othmarschen - Röper courtyard (0057)
Othmarschen — Röper courtyard (0057)


But if you deviate slightly from these modern paths and go down the stairs to Röper courtyard you suddenly arrive at a different time. An old cobblestone street, lined with stately old trees, stretches all the way to the courtyard. A treasure trove of typical infrared motifs!
I love the half-timbered facade of the farmhouse from 1759. Today, by the way, it houses a popular restaurant — when you ever come to Hamburg a good address for a meal.


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