Schmiedearbeit - Meister & Lehrling (0147)
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Master & apprentice forging hinges. It was interesting to see how master and apprentice worked hand in hand to forge deepenings in the previously forged hinges. While the master positioned his hammer very precisely so that the deepenings for the fixing holes were at the same height in all bands, his apprentice had to hit the hammer head precisely with a sledge hammer. Not only the accuracy of the target plays a role, also the same force as possible with all strokes, so that all deepenings also became equally deep.

I could observe a great cooperation here. Thankfully, the many phases of the forging work were also shown to us afterwards. First the steel band was beveled so that it had a better form-fit to the band after winding. Then it was slightly chamfered to make it easier to wind and to keep grease inside the hinge at later use. The penultimate step consisted of thinning out and decorating towards the end, so that it also became an artistically beautiful door hinge. I have captured the last step of work in my pictures.


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