Wide Heaven

A foto hike on the big sandbank at Westerhever: Wide Heaven — Wide Sand. Short after high tide we went out onto the sandbank near the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. The first shot was made with a dramatic perspective just at that moment when 4 Eider ducks flied away.
Just a few minutes later the heaven was mostly cloudy with only a small spot for the sunlight. At the far end of the sandbank you can see traces of sunlight illuminating the sand.

Dramatic Clouds
Dramatic Clouds

At the end of the sandbank a buoy was lying on the sand with small structures made by the waves.

Wide Sand
Wide Sand

Nearly 3 km away from the lighthouse you can’t see it’s surrounding landscape. Only the roof of the houses were visible.

Lighthouse far away
Lighthouse far away


Fantastic clouds within our view to the east and to the south. The sunset produces some colorful clouds above our heads.

On the way back, two of our team — lonely hikers!

Lonely Hikers
Lonely Hikers

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