Hamburg - Binnenalster (0094)
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A happy New Year to my readers of my photo blog.

May all my readers share with me the enthusiasm for the beauty of my hometown Hamburg and the nature of our world and enjoy the experience themselves. This is what I wish you for 2018!

The Jungfernstieg was still festively decorated in Hamburg. It smells of mulled wine and roasted almonds and in sunshine, many Hamburgers had moved to the city once again, as if there were still a lot of Christmas shopping to be done.

I used the beautiful weather to experience a nice blue hour at the Alster Lake. This time the weather was fine for my — only when it was really dark the sky closed completely. What fascinates me about this picture is the color of the sky, with the dark contours of the rising cloud band. The sky behind it is still shining after the sun had just set in the southwest.


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