Foggy Morning in the Totengrund (0054)

On one of the first foggy mornings, I had gotten up early in the morning, loaded the bike onto the carrier on the car and set off for the Lüneburg Heath before sunrise. The core of the nature park can only be reached on foot or by bike, so I had to cycle the last 5–6 km.

On our Pino tandem, I can put a large bag on the front of the so-called stoker seat (the place of the heater!), in which my photo equipment with tripod fits. So in the darkness I assembled everything and set off. A route I had only ridden once before, but now at night and only in the glow of the bike lights. But shortly before sunrise I was at my destination, the depression of the Totengrund. There was no heavy fog, but just on the southeast side hung some fog fragments. I wandered a bit left and right along the basin to suddenly notice the change in the sky.

The sky had changed color. Red-orange clouds also changed the light on the ground. Now I had my motive, for which I had hoped so much. A foggy morning in the Lüneburg Heath!

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