Four-masted barque Peking at Hansa Port (0209)
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The view across the Hansa Port to the 50s sheds can almost be called classic. There at the Bremen quay, the four-masted barque Peking is moored in front of the old cargo sheds. From my line of sight in front of it, pontoon jetties of the Hamburg Port Authority with barges, push boats and workshop containers can be seen. A lively harbor landscape.

I had been waiting for sunset and the blue hour on a clear spring day because the four-masted barque is so beautifully illuminated, providing a great contrast to the prevailing blue.
The old harbor cranes on the quay are being refurbished there so that they can be returned to the old quays once the various quarters in Hafencity are completed there. Here they form the appropriate backdrop, because they can only be seen as silhouettes and thus highlight the illuminated masts of the Peking all the more.


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