Holnis - Golden Hour (0100)

Vacation on the Holnis peninsula. Arrive, unload the car and take the cottage. Then first time to look at the sky. In the late afternoon, there were signs that the sun would be in the sky a little longer. The clouds were loose, the last rainy areas in the course of the day gone. So I packed my photo backpack and tripod to enjoy the atmosphere at the fjord coast right on the first evening.

What I had not counted on that it had become almost windless and therefore the Baltic Sea was like a mirror for the golden sky above me! What a great mood!
To my luck, a narrow strip above the horizon was cloudless and so I had beautiful shadow gradients from the tree, which was on the shore of the fjord coast and pulls the view right into the picture. Also the reflections of the dark clouds in the water create this effect.


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