Blue tit foraging (0169)
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We have a bird feeder on our terrace and some wrought iron poles from which we like to hang nut nets. It is always nice to see how the blue tits look for their way to the food and slowly approach it.

First a blue tit sits on the smithy pole and looks over to our terrace. »All clear? No danger?«

Blue tit on blacksmith rod (0086)
Blue tit on blacksmith rod (0086)


Then you see her, or another blue tit sitting on top of the other blacksmith’s rod looking over at the feeder. What I love about this picture is the background light, which hits our terrace in the afternoon. Like an rim light in a good portrait photo!

Over there is the feed (0057)
»Over there is the feed!« (0057)


And shortly after, she sits directly above the nut net to see from which side she should probably approach it.

Down there is the feed (0093)
»Down there is the feed!« (0093)

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