Holnis - Abendstimmung (0854)

An evening on the west coast of Holnis, on the small Noor. I had not expected that the cloud atmosphere would change into a burning sky that evening. But that’s how it is with the most beautiful moments in photography — they are usually given to you!

The whole west side of the Flensborg Fjord was full of colorful clouds. In the following panorama you can see the lighthouse of Schausende in the silhouette on the left. Towards Flensborg there are the dark rain clouds, towards west the orange sunset clouds.

Holnis - Evening mood panorama (0860)
Holnis — Evening mood panorama (0860)


What I always love about such moods is the mixing of the different cloud colors and preferably the turquoise sky behind them.

Holnis - Evening mood (0853)
Holnis — Evening mood (0853)

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