Stork Portrait
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It has never been possible for me to be so close to a stork and to make a wonderful bird portrait with it. Much was certainly due to the great location on the church in Schwabstedt, only 10 meters away from the nest, but I had also borrowed a wonderful lens for the weekend, which even with 560mm focal length offered a phenomenal imaging performance (Canon EF 200–400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x).
This can be seen very clearly in this portrait photo. The post image shows a 100% detail of the photo, so that you can see all details around the eye and the beak.

The dirt the stork has in his beak, his tongue too!

Here is the original picture that I didn’t trim and shows some more details about his body and thighs. It is easy to read the inscription of the ring from this picture: 4T926.

Old Stork Portrait (0391)
Old Stork Portrait (0391)