Bees in our garden
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Again and again I enjoy discovering bees on the flowers in our garden. Here are the Spanish harebells that have magically attracted a bee. For a long time the bee disappeared in the calyx, so that I could take a number of pictures.

A few details about the plant, from the web page »Mein schöner Garten«:

The Spanish harebells(Hyacinthoides hispanica) blooms in bell-florets and forms dense continuances fast in the shadow-garden through self-seeding and brood-bulbs. The Spanish Harebell is a multileaved, single-seeded bulb flower that grows as tall as it grows wide: on average 25 to 40 centimeters. The bulbs are large and yellowish white in colour.

From the end of April to June, the pretty white, pink or blue bell-shaped flowers appear. They stand in loose bunches on upright stems.

That’s exactly what’s so important to the bees. Before many useful plants start flowering in summer, this plant provides bees with a good source of food from the end of April.

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