Cartwright’s Hands
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The hands of the cartwright at work. In the museum of the old cartwright’s workshop in Langenrehm there are also a few trained cartwrights among the many volunteers. All of them have already reached retirement age, but not only the museum visitors but also the other participants learn the tricks of the craftmanship. In addition they can assign the many found tools mostly to the different machines.During my visit the old cartwright worked on the handle of an axe. Completely handmade. Such an axe handle would no longer be payable today. Again and again the tool was taken aside to check the quality of his own work.

Cartwright's Hands (0207)
Cartwright’s Hands (0207)


The other, younger cartwright worked on a spoke of a wheelbarrow wheel. Wooden wheelbarrows were produced here until the end of the active operation of this wheelwright’s workshop.

Cartwright's Hands (0140)
Cartwright’s Hands (0140)


A third one was maintaining the control table of a milling machine. He was about to attach a stop bolt to the side of the table.

Cartwright's Hands (0179)
Cartwright’s Hands (0179)