Yellowstone - Great Fountain Geyser & White Dome Geyser
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Along the Firehole Lake Drive there are some hot springs and unique geysers. On our way from Old Faithful to the next accommodation in Canyon Village we made a detour along the Firehole Lake Drive. We were particularly attracted to the Great Fountain Geyser, which breaks out very irregularly but is particularly beautiful to look at due to its sinter terraces. We sat down for a while at the edge of the geyser and watched again and again how the water was boiling up inside. During observation, the White Dome Geyser broke out several times in the background. It is nice to see the two geysers staggered one after the other in the photo.

The White Dome Geyser has a cone several meters high, indicating the age of the geyser, which is many hundred years old. It often breaks out at intervals of 30–35 minutes and its eruptions reach heights of up to 9 meters.


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