Osprey at Buffalo Valley
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At our way from Grand Teton National Park to our holiday home in the Buffalo Valley we pass an aerie of an Osprey. At the first afternoon we passed there, we saw the Osprey sitting on an old tree near the road. One day later my wife Astrid want to paint the fantastic view over the Buffalo Valley, so my son and myself decided to go »on eagler hunt« with our cameras.

We where lucky, just on the second pass of the tree we found the Osprey sitting there again. What a fantastic bird!

Buffalo Fork River - Osprey (1321)
Buffalo Fork River — Osprey (1321)


What I didn’t know, but found out later during a talk with locals, the Osprey turn the the caught fish into the wind! A Bald Eagle is flying with the fish transverse to the direction of flight.


To show you an overview of the fantastic valley of the Buffalo Fork River I shot this panorama. It was not at the point, where we found the Osprey, but further on the road, looking back to the Grand Teton, you can see in the dust near the center of the image.

Buffalo Valley Panorama (1345)
Buffalo Valley Panorama (1345)