Grand Teton Nationalpark - Leigh Lake (1219)

»In early morning hours at String Lake. The water of the narrow lake is dark blue in front of us, it is mirrorless because there is no wind blowing. The majestic peaks of the Teton mountain range are perfectly reflected in it.
We enjoy the moment very much, especially because at this time we are almost alone on the trail. We see only another photographer on the lake shore, who also enjoys the view to the Tetons.«

We wanted to hike along the east shore of the Leigh Lake. But the trailhead for this hike was more south, so we also had the String Lake shore to pass. But this wasn’t the worst idea. We had fantastic views to the Teton Range, Mount St. John and Mount Moran were right in front of us.

The trailhead for the Leigh Lake was at the shore of the String Lake. Sting Lake is feeding the short creek, that comes in the Jenny Lake, we had passed a day before.

Grand Teton National Park - String Lake & Mount Moran (1153)
Grand Teton National Park — String Lake & Mount Moran (1153)


That the morning mood at String Lake would be so beautiful, had surprised us. Parts of the lake was still in the shade. We wandered through the shore forest, directly along the lake.

Grand Teton National Park - Mount St. John & Mount Moran (1161)
Grand Teton National Park — Mount St. John & Mount Moran (1161)

Pleas open the panorama above with a click on the image, I uploaded it with more than 3.000 pixel width.


There was a completely different view along Leigh Lake. The lake is very wide and has a very flat bank zone. Many tree trunks are, on the shore and far out in the lake. A completely different lake than the Jenny Lake. There are also no motor boats, only a few paddlers pulled over the calm lake in front of us.

Grand Teton National Park - Leigh Lake (1219)
Grand Teton National Park — Leigh Lake (1219)


Already on the way north we have noticed the many squirrels. Mostly through their haunting calls. Along the Leigh Lake we had the impression that work in the tree crowns was announced. Shortly after the call, we were thrown with pine cones, which picked the squirrel over us! Over and over again the cones popped next to us on the way or into the undergrowth.

But on the way back we got a special moment with a sqirrel. It was one call of a squirrel — we were looking up in the tree tops — but then it came down next to us in the tree at eye level and took from a branch fork something to eat. I even had the opportunity to switch to my 200mm lens. What a wonderful series of animal pictures gave me this squirrel. Like a model it showed itself from the front, from the right and also left! It had eaten a mushroom:

Once again we had a stunning landscape with a unique animal experience. This is Grand Teton National Park!

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