A week in the expanse of the sands in front of St. Peter-Ording. At sunrise on the Hitzsand, the clouds are piling up above me, and sometimes a rain showers pass by.

The sandbank after the storm


In large parts the sandbank is still flooded by the last storm surge of the orcan Niklas. Toll is reflected in the sky, especially beautiful with the clouds.

Stilt Houses at St. Peter Bad


As soon as it is dry, the strong northwest wind sweeps fine sand over the sandbank towards the stilt houses. Great is the contrast to the area still wett in this area.

Sandstorm at the stilt houses


On Saturday before Easter, the Easter Regatta of the Kite-Buggies takes place on the sandbank. A spectacle when more than 30 pilots have to face each other not only on the ground but also in the air above.

During the competition, Easter 2015 competition a large rain front in the background. What a drama:

Kite Buggy Race — Start

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