Carl-Gustav (above) and Carlson bosses in fight (0084)

With the beginning of the fourth week, the fights between the Broholm puppies also became more obvious. With their sharp little teeth, they were actually always biting one of the siblings. Like here Carl-Gustav (brown) and Carlson-Bosse (blue) wrestling with each other. At the beginning Carlson is lying down and Carl keeps biting gently. Growling can be heard, also a new quality in the life of the young dogs. But Carlson manages to fight his way up and he looks visibly annoyed that Carl won’t leave him alone.

Carlson still wants to fight! (0161)
Carlson still wants to fight! (0161)

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  1. Claudia
    | Reply

    Tja, Geschwister können soooo nervig sein. 4 von den 7 haben jetzt erstmal den Genuss ein Einzelhund zu sein. 😁

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