Dramatic Clouds above the Treene
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Right on the first evening of our holiday on the Eiderstedt peninsula we were pulled out by bike into the Treenemarsch. It should be an unforgettable late summer evening with dramatic clouds about us, which we don’t know from home.

There should be local rain showers, but that wouldn’t bother us. As we noticed later, one rain area passed us to the northwest and the other to the southeast. So we could only enjoy the spectacle of dark rain clouds and white or coloured clouds above us.

Never before have I experienced such a rain cloud stretching from south to north in the golden hour. The whole cloud a single yellow/orange and at its southern edge it was still raining! The view goes over the Treene to the east, behind us the moor near Schwabstedt.


Please click on the picture, it is more than 3.000 pixels wide!

Rain cloud over the Treene (Pano)
Rain cloud over the Treene (Pano)


In the other direction a similar scene appeared. The view over the wild moor to the northeast showed the second rain cloud colored by the setting sun:

Rain cloud over the moor (Pano)
Rain cloud over the moor (Pano)


What an evening we were able to experience in this nature!

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