Ice Trees (0065)

The last weekend in January brought the north of Lower Saxony once again wintry dream weather. When with night temperatures of ‑9 to ‑12 degrees centigrade also fog was predicted at night, it was certain for me to drive out into the countryside on Sunday morning. Still in moonlight I was in Steinbeck and had hoped for the ice trees there, but it was there only weakly. So I made my way via Tostedt to the Tister moor. Shortly before sunrise there were still ‑12 degrees centigrade, but I saw off the road still hanging fog fields.

When I then came out of the villages and was on the road to Sittensen, I came through the ice-crusted birch avenue! Fortunately, the road has long straights and was also so early on Sunday still little used. So I put on the hazard lights and stopped on the road. The shoulder was simply not to be made out under the snow. And so I was able to take this photo. This shot is taken with the telephoto lens, which condensed the avenue trees so nicely.


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