The little ones should have it comfortable
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When the stork mother landed with supplies for the padding of the nest, she was not appreciated at all. No food supply? Wet straw instead?

You can clearly see the strong wind, the straw fluttering around the head of the stork mother. Michael Goltz once described the fact that one has the mother in front of one’s head as follows: »She would have a lot of fancy things on her legs, the multicoloured rings on her left leg. On the right is the ring that gives information about the stork. It bears the number 1904 and the letters SVS.

Who can tell me why this female stork wears more rings without inscriptions?

This picture is my last from the series of the stork nest on the church in Schwabstedt.

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  1. Roswitha Volquardsen

    Schöne Fotos aus dem Storchennest! Danke Marc, hat Spaß gemacht!