Red Kite (0343)

In the north of Schleswig-Holstein red kites are very rare — the main distribution area here is the east and southeast of Schleswig-Holstein. I was all the more surprised when I identified the bird of prey, which was searching for prey over the fields near the vacation home, as a red kite.
Typical are the white areas on the underside of the wings, furthermore the 5 fingers at the end of the wings — a black kite should have 6 of them! And its forked tail also makes the identification very clear.

We quickly noticed it was not just one bird, but at least three, if not 4. Later I managed to have two, and later three Red Kites together on one picture.


Always around noon they flew in quiet courses over the stubble field north of our cottage, quite rarely even over the house. I had made a habit during the vacation to have the camera armed with the 100–500mm lens and set to bird photography, lying ready.

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