Geysir Strokkur (2312)

On my way along the so-called Golden Circle on Iceland — a circular route with many well-known natural sights — I naturally also passed the geysers in the valley Haukadalur. In the area lies among other things also the name giver for this kind of geothermal spring — the large Geysir. However, he is active for some years only very irregularly. But on the rainy day I experienced the Strokkur active again and again. But a water fountain into a gray rainy sky does not give a real motive!

So I concentrated on the view down and found slightly below the Strokkur this colorful rhyolite surface, which could show its whole color splendor by the wetness. In portrait format this really comes into its own, while in the background the Strokkur kept blowing supplies into the rain clouds 😉

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