Landmannalaugar (3256)

I have always dreamed of Landmannalaugar. I really wanted to see the red/yellow rhyolite mountains of this landscape shining in the sunlight and was rather cautiously excited when we set off there on our fourth day in the highlands. After all, the days before had been wet and cloudy and so I didn’t want to grind out Landmannalaugar. The weather forecast gave a little hope that we could expect a clearing over lunchtime.

The happier I was when we arrived, the forecast was correct. We had sunshine for the first time in the highlands and the first rhyolite ridges were shining towards us. A short hike led us across the old lava flow Laugarhraun. Everywhere we could see the cooled lava protruding, but the path was filled up with earth and thus allowed a pleasant walking. A view back simply had to be held as a panorama. In contrast to Laugarhraun, the red/yellow rhyolite ridge of Barmur was shining towards us:

Landmannalaugar - Barmur (3278)
Landmannalaugar — Barmur (3278)


While the way on the lava flow continued to the west, the rhyolite slope of the mountain Suðurnámur came more and more clearly into my view to the north. The sun did his remaining, here also again the strong colors of the rhyolite rock to let work.

Landmannalaugar - Suðurnámur (3295)
Landmannalaugar — Suðurnámur (3295)


If you look closely, you can see people in the cover photo on the lower right and in these two portrait photos at the top of the ridge — a good size comparison.


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