The Blue Port in Hamburg is a one-week light installation by the artist Michael Batz. At the end of the week we have the Cruise Days, a freeway fair for the cruise industry. The blue lamps are installed at buildings, bridges, cranes and quays and dive the harbor into a miraculous blue light.

Schaarhörn and blue bridges at the river Elbe


I love the elegant form of the old Senate steamship Schaarhörn, which lies at the pier Norderelbstraße. Its hull is illuminated in a gentle blue by the blue port lighting, the shed next to it is illuminated by the standard lighting orange. The three blue arches of the bridges at the end of the freeport are in the background. The sky is still quite hazy due to the rain zone, which has just been passed by, and reflects the different colors of the lamps in the harbor.

When you have the lamps right in front of you, the lighting is so intense that the Elbe is completely illuminated in this blue, as here at the Elbphilharmonie and the Hansatic Trade Center:

Elbphilharmonie & Hanseatic Trade Center


From the north bank of the Elbe you can see the illuminated harbor in many places. From the pier Elbphilharmonie you have  the view to Sasol Chemie, its shore line and parts of the production plants are illuminated. Shortly after sunset there are quite different colors in the sky:

Chemical plant Sasol


Looking west on the river you can see the musical theaters of Stage Entertainment, which are blue illuminated as well as the pier in the front. Half an hour after sunset, the view over here is just wonderful when the setting sun creates different colors in the sky. The theater buildings are overtoped by the harbor cranes of the Blohm & Voss shipyard behind them:

Stage Theater at the river Elbe

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