Schneiderhaken (0028)

Again and again I had cycled past this stretch of land. I always thought how it might look if I saw the sand hook that had formed east of the narrows near Lindaunis from a drone’s perspective. This year I found ideal conditions. The fields were planted with rapeseed in May and I had a nearly cloudless sky as I drove to Lindaunis at golden hour. A line of trees cuts through the two rapeseed fields and leads in extension to the eastern end of Schneiderhaken.

The cover picture of this article shows only a part of the great panorama I took with the drone. The panorama, which is over 75 megapixels in size, shows an even stronger effect of how the bay at Schneiderhaken is framed by the rapeseed fields:

Schneiderhaken Panorama (0028)
Schneiderhaken Panorama (0028)

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