Colorful Church
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Only twice a year, in spring and late summer, the sun is so shining that it shines through the colorful rosette window into the interior of St. Jakobi Church in Schwabstedt. It is then bathed in shimmering colors. I could still experience it in the morning of the last day of my holiday, because the days before it was unfortunately cloudy in the morning.
I stood for a while in the dark church and looked at the organ gallery, in order to perceive sometime the colors there on the organ and the Musenbildern beside it. What an impression!

Slowly the light band wandered along the north side of the church until it ran completely over the balustrade of the gallery:

Finally I had to see the light on the wood carved cover of the baptismal font in the Absis. I always admire the artful suspension of the cover:

St. Jakobi Church (1905)
St. Jakobi Church (1905)

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  1. Roswitha Volquardsen

    Sehr beeindruckende Fotos, einfach unglaublich schön!

    • Marc

      Ja, nachdem ich die Bilder von Michael Goltz gesehen hatte, wollte ich das auch unbedingt einmal selbst erleben. Welche Kirche hat schon solche Besonderheiten?