Cuno & Anton (1767)

Anton, the gentle giant and something of a stepfather to the C‑litter, had made himself comfortable on his chaise longue in the winter garden. The fearless little Cuno had climbed up to Anton and was looking for his closeness. But at first it looked as if Anton didn’t really know how to handle the puppy. He looked up uncertainly at his master and mistress. But he let Cuno have his way, lay down so that Cuno could even rest his head on him:

Cuno rests his head on Anton (1787)
Cuno rests his head on Anton (1787)


But Anton didn’t come to rest yet, lifted his head again and looked up at his mistress and master. Cuno used it as a doggy greeting and sniffed Anton’s ear!

But in the end Anton lay down, closed his eyes and let Cuno sleep next to him! Heartwarming!

Anton & Cuno head-to-head (1902-1932)
Anton & Cuno head-to-head (1902−1932)

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