Milchstraße über Teton Valley
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The last weeks we stayed in Idaho and Wyoming to visit the National Parks Grand Teton and Yellowstone. My first image of the journey shows the Milky Way across Teton Valley. The first time I saw the dark and starry nights in Teton Valley the wish came to take a picture of the Milky Way. In the first hours of the night the center of the Milky Way was visible. So I prepared my camera, put it on a tripod and went outside into the garden.

The center of the Milky Way should be visible close to the horizon. So I decided to arrange the trees of the near road into my composition. At first I was angry, that during my first exposure a car drove through my image. But after review of the images it was the best image — the illuminated trees give a good contrast to the night sky.

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5 Responses

  1. Dennis
    | Reply

    Ich…bin…so…überwältigt / neidisch 😉 Sehr schönes Bild! Das Licht vom Auto gibt dem Photo noch ein weiteres Licht-Spiel-Element, ergänzt das Thema hervorragend.

    • Marc
      | Reply

      Danke Dennis,
      ich war selber begeistert, was ich da vor der Linse hatte. Seit meiner Kindheit habe ich die Milchstraße nicht mehr sehen können und hier sogar noch mit dem galaktischem Zentrum!
      Vielen Dank für Dein Feedback,

  2. Astrid Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Like, like, like. Ich weiß, du hast im Vorfeld immer darüber gesprochen, wie schön es wäre, solch einen Moment festzuhalten.

  3. Kevin West
    | Reply

    marc, so nice meeting you on that beautiful morning in the tetons. loving your work. please stay in touch. kevin

    • Marc
      | Reply

      Hi Kevin,
      thank you so much, indeed it was a nice meeting with you at Schwabacher’s Landing. I’m still remembering your cry, as you first look through my ND gradient filter on your camera. It was in a way funny, to exchange technical details with you.
      You have a fantastic portfolio at 500.px!

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