Alsterfleet with Heiligengeist Bridge
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The Alsterfleet with a view of the Heiligengeist Bridge. On the left is an old finance building (Oberfinanzdirektion), which has been converted into a luxury hotel and will be opened in 2019 as Fraser Suites. On the right is the … read more and write a comment …

Chamber of Crafts of Hamburg — Staircase
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After I was already in March 2017 in the Chamber of Crafts for a photo session, this time I went with a new lens into the staircases of this office building. The cover picture was taken with 33mm focal length … read more and write a comment …

At the underground station Elbbrücken
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Finally I got the chance to take pictures in the newly opened underground station »Elbbrücken«. Of course for me there is always a central perspective, which I made in this case from the passage to the Skywalk. The Skywalk will … read more and write a comment …

Underground Station Elbbrücken
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I was able to take this picture at the beautiful blue hour 10 days before the opening of the new underground station in Hamburg. At these days this lighting mood is unfortunately very rare to see, so I was even … read more and write a comment …

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It was interesting to see what simple tools the cartwrights used to work with. Two cartwrights worked on parts of a wooden wheelbarrow, while one worked on an axe handle.

Cartwright’s Hands
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The hands of the cartwright at work. In the museum of the old cartwright’s workshop in Langenrehm there are also a few trained cartwrights among the many volunteers. All of them have already reached retirement age, but not only the … read more and write a comment …

Old laundry room
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The museum cartwright lures with Café Peters with coffee and cake. But I was amazed when I came from the backyard into the building to find a fully functional laundry room! Here the museum laundry is even cleaned with a … read more and write a comment …

Cartwright’s Tools
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The open‐air museum on the Kiekeberg has a large number of outposts around it. Besides the museum farm Wennerstorf and the mill museum Moisburg also an old cartwright from the 30’s in Langenrehm belongs to the »inventory«. The cartwrights were … read more and write a comment …

Cranes approaching
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With this motive I did not have to think long whether I still leave it in color. The backlight effect with the cranes reduced to black and white is simply sufficient in this simplicity. That was once again an impression … read more and write a comment …

Cranes at Tister Moor
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After the sun had set over the moor landscape, the calls of the cranes became slowly audible. First individual small groups, then ever larger swarms of cranes flew from all directions towards the moor. After the first cranes had landed … read more and write a comment …

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