Lands End — or the western end of Lofoten!
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During my stay in the Lofoten I first had to learn from the local people that in the Lofoten one always only has to go east (towards the mainland) and west. This might be still valid for the eastern part, but I arrived in the south of the islands and had the feeling to drive more to the north and/or south when I drove from Å to Reine and back again.

Ok, so I was heading west when I came back from Reine that day and just drove on to the parking lot above Å. From the parking lot you can walk a bit further and get to the viewpoint of Å — which by the way is not called »Lands End«, because the islands are much further south! Here, one looks further south along the rock face of Lofoten, beyond the Moskestraumen to the islands Mosken and Værøy. The Moskestraumen is one of the strongest tidal currents on earth and is said to have inspired painters and writers (maelstrom) to exaggerated depictions of its water vortices.

But I could not perceive any of this from here. Only the sun passed the cloud bank at sunset and illuminated the coast around me so beautifully. The fact that I also had a shallow in the picture below the cliffs, over which the waves broke again and again, makes this picture perfect for me.