Milky Way across Teton Valley
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The last weeks we stayed in Idaho and Wyoming to visit the National Parks Grand Teton and Yellowstone. My first image of the journey shows the Milky Way across Teton Valley. The first time I saw the dark and starry … read more or write a comment …

HaGü — Lighthouse Caretaker
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HaGü, with name Hans Günter Callsen, is unsalaried caretaker at the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. He is better known for his literary walks into the wadden sea.

Lighthouse Westerhever Sand at night
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Lighthouse Westerhever Sand at night. In the background you can see clouds illuminated by the lighthouse and by St. Peter-Ording, the town south of Westerhever.

Wide Heaven — Wide Sand
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A foto hike on the big sandbank at Westerhever: Wide Heaven — Wide Sand. Short after high tide we went out onto the sandbank near the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. The first shot was made with a dramatic perspective just at … read more or write a comment …

Beach Lilac in the flood
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The summer high water offered us some interesting perspectives. Beach Lilac in the flood, in the background the lighthouse Westerhever Sand

Summer Floods & Rain
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During the summer floods at June 26th at the lighthouse Westerhever Sand we had a lot of rain. It was exciting to experience the flooding of the salt meadows around the lighthouse, but a drama for the birds because many … read more or write a comment …

Thunderclouds above my head
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Directly above my head, on Wednesday evening, a thunderstorm across the whole of Germany reached Buchholz. The masses of clouds were always in motion, and many dynamic structures where formed in the clouds.

Redshank (Tringa totanus)
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It was my personal highlight of bird photography during the workshop weekend with Martin Stock. We just had a short break at the backside of the Eider Barrage, when we found this pair of Redshanks together with their fledgling searching … read more or write a comment …

Arctic terns
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A small colony of arctic terns breed on the Eider Barrage in northern Germany. It’s a great location to take pictures of flying and breeding birds. Time and time again they blow up when they feel disturbed by walkers or … read more or write a comment …

European spoonbill in the salt meadows
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At the beginning of the workshop with Martin Stock we went into the salt meadows to get into contact with the environment around the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. Just after we left the main path to the lighthouse the nature showed … read more or write a comment …

Seal Safari 2017
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With bright sunshine we got to the seal colonies near the island of Pellworm. As in the last year, it was the ship MS Gebrüder of the two brothers Hellmann, who drove us into the wadden sea. We wanted to … read more or write a comment …

Zirkus Roncalli in Town
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During June 2016 the Zirkus Roncalli is in Hamburg and is playing its 40 Years of Roncalli show.I still remember my youth time, when I visited Roncalli with my parents. At that time it was a very special circus without … read more or write a comment …

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